Mom & World Baby Anti Bacterial Liquid Cleanser Review

Mom & World Baby Anti Bacterial Liquid Cleanser Review

Protecting the tiny-tots from bacteria and other germs is a very important task to fulfill. At Editor Say, we reviewed the Mom & World Baby Antibacterial Liquid Cleanser. I took the product home and thought of trying it out to make a genuine review.  So, let us take a look at this baby product in detail.

**Disclaimer: We only review products as a user. We don't recommend anyone to use any product based on our review.

The Packaging

The product comes in a very standard and quality packing. You will find this baby liquid cleanser contained in a pump bottle, making it easy for you to use it when necessary. This is also good to keep the liquid protected from any direct contact.

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The Ingredients

The Mom & World Baby Liquid Cleanser contains two  natural ingredients, neem and lemon. Neem is known for its naturally occurring antibacterial and antifungal properties. Thus, when you wash any object with products containing neem, it is disinfected and made free of harmful germs. Lime on the other hand is very effective in getting rid of the germs with its mild acidic effect. It also adds a fresh scent to the objects being cleaned. Like we discussed earlier this product is free from chemicals and artificially made ingredients like paraben and silicone.

How to use?

The Mom & World Baby Liquid Cleanser is more than just baby bottle cleaner liquid. It can be used to wash anything the little one would be in contact with, like toys, pacifiers and even fruits and vegetables. Yes, it can also be used to clean fruits and vegetables before being fed to your baby. You can pour about a quarter tablespoon of the cleanser into a large bowl of water. Then keep the veggies and fruits soaked for about 3-5 minutes. Then take them out and rinse with clean water.

Since the product is free from harmful chemicals, it can be used to clean the milk bottles and pacifiers that come in direct contact with the baby. It will completely wash away the milk stains that can be the reason for the growth of harmful bacteria. You can also be sure that the after wash scent of lemon will not cause any displeasure for the little one. This product is also gentle on your hands and would not cause any unwanted reaction.


A 500ml bottle of the Mom & World Baby Antibacterial Liquid Cleanser can be purchased  online from Amazon for ₹399. Apart from Amazon, you can buy this baby liquid cleanser online from Nykka and other ecommerce store.

Brand Value

Mom & World is a wellness brand that is spreading the importance of chemical free products. Their products are tested and proved to be free from any harmful or toxic ingredients. Rather, natural products like extracts of fruit, leaf, root, etc., from known plants are added according to the methods passed down from generations. They have a wide range of products for pregnant moms and newborn babies.


Performing the review of  Mom and World Baby Antibacterial Liquid Cleanser, we can say that you can try the product and see the quality and cleansing properties of the ingredients being used. After checking all the parameters, I will give this product a ⅘ rating.

Vineetha Kuruvilla

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