St.Botanica Vitamin C & B3 Face Mist Review

St. Botanica Face Mist

I purchased a St.Botanica Vitamin C and B3 face Mist from Amazon to test this product for quality and effectiveness. Personally, I started using face mist, a few years back and have also tried a homemade product. Face mist gives our skin a hydrated, softer feeling. It can also be used to make your make-up and face care products a good mix. When you are busy and traveling, a face mist is a perfect choice.

What is Face Mist?

You may be under the impression that Face Mist nothing but water. Quite right, but not entirely true. Face Mist has different herb extracts that can rejuvenate your skin within seconds. The herbs in the face mist also have the power to absorb the excess oil from your face. It can help you look fresh all throughout the day.

Another benefit of this on the go essential is that you can use it whenever necessary. When you step out of the gym or yoga class and want to look fresher, just take one spritz from your face mist. It’s coolness will make your skin look dewier. The essential oils contained in face mists can offer a therapeutic effect for your skin. It is also said that face mists have anti-aging properties as well. Facial mists are good for all skin types, from dry and flaky to oily and greasy.

St.Botanica Vitamin C & B3 Face Mist

The Review of St.Botanica Vitamin C & B3 Face Mist

St. Botanica’s vitamin C and B3 face mist is a product that can be used by people of any skin type to get a fresh look throughout the day. Since it is part of a very popular brand around the world, this face mist has become the favorite of many who tried it. The natural ingredients used, make the product even more interesting.


After I tried St.Botanica Vitamin C and B3 face mist for a few days, my skin could feel the difference. The oily look has disappeared and there is a better glow. It also helps to keep my makeup perfect from morning till evening. I use the face mist to make the thick facial products into a lighter consistency.

There is a very pleasant scent from all the natural ingredients, thus leaving you to smell exquisite. It is easy to carry and the packing is very comfortable for use.


Face Mist


According to the company, this product contains glycerin, aloe vera extract, gooseberry extract, lemon peel extract, turmeric, and sandalwood extract. The lemon peel, gooseberry, etc can provide for the vitamin C and B3 in the product. These are antioxidants that can keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Value for money

You will get a 120ml bottle for Rs.699, which can be considered reasonable comparing face mists from other brands.


One major concern of the product can be its effect on reactive skin. It would be recommended to try the product on a small patch of your skin and see if anything happens. Thus you would be able to avoid a negative reaction on your face.


The St.Botanica Vitamin C and B3 face mist can be considered a good product now available. We are rating it 4/5. St. Botanica can bring out more face mists with quality essential oils. You can buy St.Botanica Face Mist from Amazon or Nykaa.

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