Author: Shatarupa Ganguly

Shatarupa is an experienced Content Writer with a passion for creative writing. Her stint in the publishing industry has made her an expert in blogging and editing content for multiple domains such as Health, Travel, Technology and Food. She commands a strong understanding of the media and communication space, and also lending her opinion on major issues through her writing.
Food That Boost Your Immunity

15 Food That Boost Your Immunity: Healthy Diet Tips for You

May 30, 2020

Though there are different types of food, some offers nutrition while others are simply causing obesity. Who doesn’t like to go to new places and try out those new mouth-watering cuisines? But what about your health? How much do you give another thought before gobbling those delectable? If you don’t, maybe it’s high time you […]

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best email marketing tools

Which is the Best Email Marketing Tool for Small Business?

May 1, 2020

Email Marketing is the form of a direct marketing tool that targets consumers with commercially tailored messages of the product and services. The main goal is to prompt sales, increase customer loyalty, and make the client aware of your brand. As technology is the forerunner of the modern world, an email is the perfect form […]

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best sweet shops in Kolkata

10 Famous Sweet Shops in Kolkata the City of Joy

March 5, 2020

Kolkata, nicknamed as ‘the city of joy’, has a lot to offer to someone who is visiting the place for the first time. According to a survey, it is the seventh most populous city in metropolitan India. It was considered as one of the most important trading cities in India for the British colonial power. […]

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Best GST billing Software in India

10 Best GST Billing Software in India for Small Business

March 3, 2020

GST stands for Goods and Service Tax Act that was passed in the Parliament on 29th March 2017. It came into effect on 1st July 2017 and is a form of indirect tax levied on the supply of goods and services by the government. It is one of the biggest taxation reforms in the history […]

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15 best Tourist Spots in Kolkata

15 Famous Tourist Spots in Kolkata Recommended by Editor Say

February 15, 2020

Kolkata, also known as Calcutta, the capital of West Bengal, has a plethora of marvellous architecture that one can witness in the city. The intellectual hub of India, the city denotes its exceptional culture and heritage that is an essential part of the city’s tourism industry. If you are not intrigued yet, given below is […]

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How to cut down your daily sugar intake

How to Cut Down Your Daily Sugar Intake?

January 18, 2020

We as humans are generally drawn to sugar consumption and prefer to gobble on the sweet tasty food that the universe has to offer. It is what is in the human instincts that make the sweet treats so desirable to us. This liking for sugar starts from an early age as young as infants drinking […]

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onion juice for hair loss

Can Onion Juice Stop Hair Loss: Know the Hidden Facts

January 5, 2020

Hair loss is inevitable for half of the population of the world, which leads to losing one’s self-confidence and can cause embarrassment for looking older than one generally is. Although this problem is hard to avoid, there are numerous ways by which you can grow back the thick mane that once was your pride. Be […]

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Hair loss remedies

How to Reduce Hair Loss : Tips for Hair Growth

November 29, 2019

Hair loss is one of the most common problems nowadays for both men and women population. Earlier, hair loss problems occurred after attaining a  certain age but nowadays even children face this issue. It has been proved to be the prime reason for a person to lose self-confidence and even prone to depression. The scientific term […]

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15 Best Restaurants in Guwahati

15 Best Places to Eat in Guwahati Recommended by Locals

November 24, 2019

Guwahati, as the capital city of the Assam, has become the hub and added its name among the metropolis cities of India. The city lies alongside the mighty Brahmaputra River and presents a picturesque sight for the people who visit this town. Not only that, but the city is also a great source for brilliant […]

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