7 Best Japanese Street Foods You Must Try

Best Japanese Street Foods

Japan is a country filled with delicious cuisines, and their street food is amazing particularly in the summers. The street food stalls in Japan are known as Yattai, which you can find a lot during the seasonal festivals. In this blog, I will tell you about 7 Best Japanese Street Foods that you need to try the next time you visit the technology-rich country.

1. Takoyaki


If you are a non-vegetarian, this dish is just for you. Takoyaki is one of the most famous dishes of Osaka, Japan, prepared using little pieces of octopus, tenkasu , pickled ginger, and spring onion. The grilled wheat batter shaped into balls, these looked golden when fried. Served hot to food lovers, these balls taste best with special with mayonnaise.

Also known as the Octopus balls, this Japanese Street Food is usually served in a group of about eight. Taste this great snack, which you will surely love to try. If you like the taste of this Japanese cuisine carry some frozen Takoyaki back home, which are easily available in the local market. If you are unable to spot any, the best way is to Google it.

2. Yakisoba


Tasting the Yakisoba is one of the best things you can do when you are in Japan. The Japanese festivals will be incomplete without this famous dish. Wheat noodles are fried with vegetables like cabbage and bean sprouts along with sliced pork to make this Japanese street food.

It’s topped with dried bonito fish flakes, pickled ginger, dried seaweed, Japanese mayonnaise, and sometimes fried egg. Yakisoba is a light meal, which can be consumed anytime as a fast food snack. In Japan, you can taste Yakisoba at festivals, super-markets, and Okonomiyaki restaurants. The Yakisobas of summer night festivals are particularly famous.

3. Yakitori


Found all over Japan, Yakitoris are made from chicken grilled chicken meat. The grilling of this Japanese street food is usually done on Charcoal but the best part is the seasoning, which creates the amazing taste of this Japanese Street food. When you place your order, you will be asked about seasoning you want to be added.

You can choose from sansho (Japanese pepper), shichimi togarashi (seven-flavor hot pepper), and ichimi togarashi (single flavor hot pepper). Apart from seasoning, the taste of this Japanese cuisine also differs according to the piece of meat such as thighs, wings, skin, heart etc. If you are not sure what to choose, you can also as for recommendation of the restaurant.

4. Imagawayaki


For sweet lovers, Imagawayaki is a must have when visiting Japan. The tasty Japanese food is prepared using barter of flour, sugar, and eggs. These are baked in round shaped molds. The filling is done using chocolate, custard or sweet red bean paste, which makes it a superb dessert. Imagawayaki is easily available in roten stores (outdoor stands) in matsuri. You can also get these sweet food items in supermarkets and try them later.

5. Ikayaki


The description of this food may not sound too appealing but this cuisine of Japan should be tried, if you want to try something different. Squids are grilled over charcoal and savored with soy sauce to make Ikayaki, a popular street food of Japan.

The typical cuisine of Japan can be served as a whole or as sliced rings. In festivals, Ikayaki can be frequently spotted across stalls and available at 200-500 yen. Price usually depends upon the squid parts.

6. Wataame


Another sweet dish that is worth trying is Wataame, which are popular among kids. But adults can also taste the flavoured cotton candy, which melts into the mouth. Available in a variety of colors, these candies are flossy sugar spun in sticks. Wataame can be found in all Japanese festivals and carnivals. These are reasonably priced, so you need not shed too much Yen to have them.

7. Kakigori


Kakigor is shaved ice in which flavored syrup is added such as melon, lemon, strawberry and sugar syrup with toppings of jelly, sweet red beans, and whipped cream. You can try this unique street food of Japan during the hot & humid Japanese weather. There are several Kakigor shops during festivals which offer this tasty dessert in a variety of flavors.

Apart from the 7 mentioned street foods of Japan, there are many other things to try in the region if you want to taste something unique. Japan has been attracting tourists from all over the world. With the increasing tourist influx, the street food of Japan has gained its popularity across the globe.