What are Health Benefits of Eating Fish?

What are Benefits of Eating Fish

Fish is one of the favorite sea foods of all times, which are not only healthy for you but also very delicious. You are lucky if you stay close by a fish market, but those who aren't so lucky, we thank the internet for easier delivery of fresh sea food these days. However, we may have to pay a little higher prices for them.

Let's discuss the health benefits of consuming fish. They are as follows :

Health Benefits of Eating Fish

Lowers Risk of Heart Disease – As per a review published in American Journal of Cardiology, fish can reduce inflammation and protect your heart. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, which keeps your heart healthy and also free from chronic diseases.

Great Source of Vitamin D - Fish contains vitamin D which is beneficial for calcium observation for bones growth. It is a nutrient-dense food which we should add to our diet in order to remain healthy.

Helps to Improve Vision - As we know fish has omega-3 fatty acids so, it is very helpful in improving eye health. According to The Agency for Health Care Research and Quality findings, the brain and eyes are concentrated in omega-3 fatty acids which is useful to maintain their health and function.

Helps You to Sleep Better- If you have the problem to stay awake till late at night, eating more fish can do the trick. Increasing consumption of fish helps you to sleep faster. Researchers has doubted that it is due to fish's have high vitamin D which aids to sleep.

Helps to Fight Acne – If you have hormonal imbalance or acne, fish helps to rejuvenate your skin. Researchers has found that fish oil helps clearing skin from moderate to severe acne.

Lean Meat – Flesh of fish is considered as lean meat, it has a great source of protein. It is an exception from other meat as it does not have high saturated fat. Eating fish twice a week, preferably fatty fish, having omega-3 fatty acid content is good for your health.

Lowers Cholesterol Level – According to some university findings, consumption of fish helps to build lipids in the blood which lowers the cholesterol level to a great extent.

Lowers the Risk of Cancer – Study has found that people with high consumption of fish lowers the risk of cancer. Digestive cancers sush as – colon, pharynx, oral cavity, pancreas cancers are lower in case of people who eat fish.

Speeds up your Metabolism – Fish has fatty acids so, it helps in exercising metabolic rates, as well as fat oxidation in older women. It has positive effect on our metabolism.

Lowers Blood Pressure – If you have high blood pressure, you should consume more fish because researchers has found that the presence of fatty acids in fish helps to balance your blood pressure level.

Treats Liver Disease – Presence of Omega-3 in fish helps it to break down triglycerides and fatty acids in the liver, it lowers the risk of fatty liver disease.

10 healthiest Indian Fishes which you should keep in your diet

Hilsa (Ilish) - It is also known as Ilish, it is a very popular kind of fish. Ilish is called Maacher Raja in bengal, which means king of fish. Hilsa fish is famous not only in India but also all over South Asia.


Rohu (Roho or Carpo fish) – Rohu is widely available in northern as well as southern India. The fish is widely consumed for it's meat and it is an oily fish which is rich in omega fatty acids too.


Rani (Pink Perch) – Rani is also a commonly sold fresh water fish in India. It is pink in colour, small in size and gives a mild flavour when cooked. Unlike other fish this fish is not oily, and has less than 5 percent body fat and the meat is lean and healthy to eat.


Surmai (King Mackerel) – Surmai is also known as King Mackerel and it is one of the most costliest fishes in India. It is more popular in South and Central India.



Rawas (Indian Salmon) – Rawas known as Indian Salmon, it contains essential amino acids which helps to maintain muscle tissue. It also contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which maintains healthy meatabolism and is helpful for weight loss.

salmon fish

Katla (Indian Crap or Bengal Crap) – Katla is mostly found in North India and Assam and in the lakes and rivers. It is rich in protein and essential fatty acids.

katla fish

Paplet (Pomfret) – It is a non- oily fish, a type of butter fish which is widely found in South Asia including the Indian Ocean. Pomfret has white meat which is highly delicious. Silver or white and black pomfret are very popular and widely sold in India.


Singhara (Catfish) – It is a fresh water fish, with a meaty texture. Singhara's unique taste makes it very delicious. You can make different curry out of Singhara or Catfish.

seenghala fish

Kekda (Crab) – Kekda which is also known as crab is not a fish, but it is an integral part of healthy sea food list. Hence, we can place it in the list of fishes. Crab is easily available all over India. It is as healthy as any other oily fish.


Jhinga (Prawns and Shrimps) – Prawns and Shrimps are although different but it's commonly referred to as Jhinga. Both can be found in fresh and sea water, taste and flavor is almost same. The basic difference is that Prawns are bigger than Shrimps.


Now, when you know about the benefits and types of fishes, let me tell you some lip smacking dishes name made of fish. They are :

  • Masala Fried Promfet
  • Fish Curry with Lotus Stems
  • Popcorn Crusted Fish Fingers
  • Fish Cutlets
  • Thai Steamed Fish
  • Hariyali Machli
  • Fish Duglere
  • Fish Curry without oil


So, all the non veg and sea food lovers, hope you got the knowledge about the health benefits of consuming fish. Please check my Bengali style Rohu fish recipe “Rui Macher Kalia”. I am sure, you all will love it.

Sushmita Guha

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