How to Reduce Hair Loss : Tips for Hair Growth

Hair loss remedies

Hair loss is one of the most common problems nowadays for both men and women population. Earlier, hair loss problems occurred after attaining a  certain age but nowadays even children face this issue. It has been proved to be the prime reason for a person to lose self-confidence and even prone to depression. The scientific term for hair loss is androgenic alopecia which refers to the loss of hair from the crown or scalp portion. Like our age, hair loss also advances with time.

Hair fall can be divided into two parts: male pattern hair loss and female pattern hair loss.

Male Pattern Baldness

male pattern of bladness

The male pattern baldness is the common type of hair loss that can begin in men as early as in their teens or sometimes late twenties, and 95% of men’s population suffers from it. By the age of fifty, 85% of men are subjected to thinning hair.

The receding of hair begins with the pattern of hair thinning on the crown and moves backward forming the shape of the letter “M”, until it becomes shorter and thinner and forms a “U” shape around the side of the head.

Female Pattern Baldness

Female Pattern Baldness

The female pattern baldness is a bit different from the male pattern as it is less in women than men. The general process begins with hair thinning over the scalp and the loss of volume in the hair. It can develop from the widening of the parting of the hair and the scalp becomes more visible than it was before.

Although baldness tends to start when female reach in their 40s or later, but in some rare cases it can begin early too.

How to Reduce Hair Loss and Increase Hair Growth?

In order to reduce hair loss, you need to make certain changes in your diet plan and also adopt a healthy lifestyle. Hair growth depends a lot on what you eat, when you sleep and what activities you do. Here, I have mentioned in details how you can reduce your hair fall.

Follow a Proper Diet Plan that is Good For your Hair

Foods to prevent hair loss

That’s right, a healthy diet can help your hair to stay strong and reduce the easy breakage. Your hair is continuously growing and being replaced, and the follicles need to constantly create new hair from the nutrients that you are providing to the body.

The food that you consume plays a major role in not only keeping you healthy but also has an impact on your skin, nails, and hair. To keep your hair on your head, you have to establish some diet rules.

Consume Green vegetable and fresh fruits

This is the most important sustenance that one needs to have as they not only help you with hair growth but also lose those extra pounds. Fruits and vegetables are essential because they are rich in vitamins, fibres and minerals which are known to help with hair thinning, and maintain the texture and smoothness of your mane.

Vegetables like spinach, carrots, garlic, tomato, French beans, and other green leafy vegetables are most recommended ones for your hair, as for fruits you can eat blueberries, guava, oranges, banana, avocado, plums for your hair.

Fish is Mandatory

Another important inclusion in your diet should be fatty fish like salmon, tuna, herring and mackerel that have nutrients which are rich in Omega-3 that provides enough nourishment to your hair for growth. Fatty fish is also a great source of protein, selenium, vitamin D3 and B, and nutrients that help promote strong and healthy hair.

Other necessary components

Other useful food that nurtures hair growth can be eggs which is a good source of protein and biotin, and both of these are imperative to produce keratin for the hair follicles. Eggs also contain zinc and selenium which makes it a desirable option for flourishing your hair. Dry fruits like walnuts and almonds, and oats are also an added benefactor to hair growth.
Meat and poultry contain vitamin B12 that gives a good boost to hair growth as well.

Keep Your Body Hydrated:

The last but not the least element that is a crucial add on to the list is water. Drinking water is not only good for overall health but also helps in strengthening your hair. You need to drink at least two liters of water to keep the roots of the hair hydrated and the scalp dandruff free.

Bring Some Changes to Your Lifestyle

Quite smoking for reducing hair fall

Some of the bad lifestyle choices can also be a big factor in hair fall among the people. Before you start blaming your genes or others for your hair problems, it may have originated from your way of living.

Abstain from Smoking

Half of the population in the world, especially men, try to smoke away their troubles. You can detect groups of men chatting at the corner of the street or a man simply waiting for someone, smoking those big puffs. It is such an addiction that cannot be renounced easily.

But the troubling revelation is that it is one of the prominent reason to accelerate baldness among men, and women as well. Smoking can aggravate the symptoms by damaging the skin, bloodstream and the hair follicle when inhaled regularly. Although it is not easy to quit, it can be best to think of the consequences before lighting that cigarette.

Remain Away from Alcohol:

Drinking alcohol is another such menace that promotes hair fall in people who are serious alcoholics. It dehydrates you, makes you obese, and interferes with the regular consumption of essential vitamins and nutrients by exhausting your hunger. Drinking also causes sleep deprivation which leads to an increase in stress which is an added factor of hair thinning as well.

Don't Take Steroids

Using steroids to gain those unreal physiques can take a toll on your health and your hair. The hair growth is greatly affected by it and the hair follicles are shut down as those testosterone binds with your hormones and stops the growing of hair in the place of the fallen ones.

You cannot fully quit all these at one go, so it is better to start from small and follow a step by step routine to get rid of these habits that causes more harm than good. Ask for help from doctor or close friends to help you plan out a way to quit these habits, you surely will notice visible changes in every phase.

Adopt Some Natural Remedies for Hair Growth

Natural Remedies For-Hair-Loss

Both the internal and external functioning of body parts join in for hair stimulation. But exposure to everyday pollution and chemical products can break down the hair quality and lead to losing your hair.

1. Hair Oil : For the external usage, you can use natural oils of coconut, lavender, gooseberry, rosemary, peppermint, castor oil as some of these are good choices. They can be massaged gently on the affected area of the scalp and washed off using mild cleanser or shampoo.

2. Aloe Vera: It is one of the most recommended substance that can not only be used for hair but also smooth skin as well. The juice extracted from the aloe vera plant can be blended with coconut or olive oil, or you can apply it directly on your scalp. After one hour, use a mild shampoo to wash it off.

3. Onion Juice: Onion juice extracted from an onion contains high sulphur that can stir hair growth. You can apply it in your scalp and wash it off after one hour. Doing this twice a week is a good practice for your hair.

4. Eggs: Egg is a primary source of vitamins and minerals that can instigate hair thickening. You can use it by mixing two or three eggs (according to the length of your mane) with lemon juice or olive oil and apply it to your hair. After twenty minutes, rinse it off with cool water and let it dry on its own.

5. Fenugreek: Fenugreek seeds are also a good promoter of hair growth because of its bioactive compounds. This is one of the fitting home remedies to get rid of hair fall. By making a paste of the seeds, you can apply it as a hair mask. After thirty minutes, wash it off with water.

6. Green Tea: Consuming green tea is also another means of escalating hair growth as it is rich in polyphenols. You can have it twice a day for better results. But before beginning any of these processes, make sure that you are not allergic to any of them as it can cause serious skin allergies.

Artificial Solutions of Hair Fall

Today there are several artificial solutions for hair fall problem available starting from hair transplant to hair fixing. You may try these after evaluating your hair loss conditions.. Artificial solutions are never permanent but often adopted by people as these provides quick resolution compared to natural remedies of hair loss.  Let's see each of these solution in more detail.

Hair Transplant:

hair Transplant process

If none of the above remedies work for you, there is the alternative of hair transplant. The procedure involves removing hair follicles from any part of the body and planting them on the balding portion. There are two methods of the transplant: Follicular Hair Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

The FUT is a strip harvesting where skin strips with good hair growth are planted on balding areas, and in FUE hair clusters with their roots are manually removed and planted at the hairless site. Most of the surgeons follow the first method as it is the promising one among the two.

Hair Fixing:

Unlike Hair transplant, this is a non-surgical procedure, so it is painless and doesn’t leave any scars. It gives you a natural look and you can treat it as your normal hair, and is less time consuming too. It is the best option for people who are facing complete baldness.

Before the process begins, an examination is done on the extent of the hair loss area, the density, the temperature that is comforting for the patient. The hair silicon is transfixed on the scalp with silicon bonds on the bald zones and put it on for some days and you can carry out your regular tasks.

Hair Fibers:

Hair fibers

This amusing product is an effective way of camouflaging hair loss. It is made from the same protein found in real hair, keratin. These fibers bind themselves with your existing hair to give it a fuller look, all these by the means of static electricity that makes it stay in place.

This helps you cover up the bald spots within minutes and can easily be washed off using a normal shampoo. There are different colors available that you can pick up to match with your current hair color and cannot be easily noticed.

7 Main Hair Fall Reasons You Must Know

There are several causes of hair fall starting from hormonal factors, heredity to bad lifestyle.  Lets take a look at each hair fall reason in detail.

1. Hormonal Issues: There are certain hormones that can trigger the hair loss, like pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, or thyroid that changes the hormones and hence, commences the process. Some medical conditions also stimulate the thinning of hair, like patchy hair loss, scalp infections such as ringworms.

2. Hereditary Gifts: The genes can also be a big element of causing hair loss if it runs in the family which is hard to avoid.

3. Stress as a Booster: Sometimes a traumatic incident, severe illness or surgery can be a source of severe stress which can often result in hair loss. Stress can also be caused by work pressure or other upsetting events too.

4. Different Medications: The intake of certain drugs for severe diseases like cancer, depression, blood pressure or even heart-related issues can also trigger the problem of hair thinning.

5. Inadequate Nutrition Intake: Some people tend to follow extreme diets to lose the extra kilos which result in insufficient vitamins and protein intake and can cause hair thinning as well.

6. Particular Hairstyles: Pulling your hair tight in the back and turning it into a bun in the back can look pretty, but it can be another reason for hair loss. It even has a name called traction alopecia which means extreme styling like braids, ponytails, extensions that causes hair falls. Using too many hair products and other chemical ingredients can also take a toll on your hair.

7. Weather Conditions: If you are out in the sun too much, the UV exposure can make your hair brittle. The added bonus is pollution and dust that makes your hair rough. During rainy seasons, the humidity can make the scalp weak.


There can be varied reasons for different groups of people that are suffering from hair loss, but everyone using the same formula to regrow their hair can be harmful as your skin can be different from others. Before following any of the steps given above, you have to make it certain that the particular treatment or therapy agrees with your skin and other complication of your body if you have any.

Hair is an important body part that can make a person lose self-reliance and even face dejection in life. The best you can do is consult a trichologist for a better understanding of which treatment will suit you best if the problem is severe.