Eat Right Food, Exercise, Rest and Meditate – Ayurvedic Healer Diksha Agarwal

Exclusive Interview of Diksha Agarwal

Today in our fitness journey, we interacted with Diksha Agarwal, an Organic Cosmetic Formulator and Ayurvedic Healer by profession. Diksha is a wellness blogger (uugrow_girl) and entrepreneur (handmade beauty). Initially she worked as a financial consultant for 3 years before leaving her job to follow her passion of fitness.

Ms. Diksha completed her cosmetic formulation and Ayurvedic nutritionist certification. She strongly believe in holistic healing approach(holistic healing is a form of healing that considers the whole person-the body ,the mind and the soul-in quest for optimal health and wellness.

In the words of Diksha “The part can ever be well unless the whole body is well” "I strongly believe a person cannot look good or be fit until and unless your whole body, mind and spirit is well. Not every **fit** body is **healthy** body."

Editor: How do you motivate others to get inclined towards fitness?

Ms. Diksha Agarwal: My business and blog demands me to interact with a lot of people. One thing I noticed while interacting with each of them was –people workout out of fear and not because of love. Youngster nowadays are obsessed with thin body. And exercise have become a tool of getting there. I have a motive to make people understand that exercise is just not a tool but it’s a form of self love. It helps you to purge toxins and live a healthy life. My main motive is to make people move their body out of love not fear.

Editor: Do you think people in urban areas are more concerned about fitness compared to rural India? If yes why?

Ms. Diksha Agarwal: You see, there is a huge difference in their lifestyle! Urban youth is engaged in sedentary activities. While rural population has to make extra efforts to survive. People living in rural area do not have to sit infront of their laptops and phone for hours or struggle with traffic to reach their respective workplaces. They walk and ride their bicycles for kilometers. Rural population is more engaged in physical activities than urban population. Also rural youth population does not have access to processed food,they get it fresh from the farms.This is the reason people living in urban area are more concerned about fitness compared to rural India. As rural population is already living a healthy lifestyle.

Editor: According to you ,what should be a daily diet plan for an individual?

Ms. Diksha Agarwal: Well it may sound weird ! But I suggest to eat whatever your body asks for. By this I don’t mean that you should hog on a hamburger at 2:00 AM just because you are craving for it. ‘Craving’ is what your mind is asking for not what your body needs. Our food should be our medicine. When you eat food, pay attention to how it makes you feel like. If a food gave you acne next morning or made you feel bloated, stop eating it. It is a sign that your body did not like it ! One’s person’s food can be other person’s poison. My biggest tip to you all is to stop being harsh on yourself by sticking to a particular diet. Listen to your body.The more natural you go in all areas of life, the better.

Aurvedic healer Diksha Agarwal

Editor: Yoga or Gym! What you vote for and why?

Ms. Diksha Agarwal: If you ask me to choose one I will always vote for yoga. My goal is to work on my flexibility, which yoga helps me to achieve. Also every time I perform yoga ,I feel amazed by seeing what my body is capable of doing .

Editor: You are a certified Ayurveda nutritionist! Do you think Ayurveda I being rapidly adopted by Indians?

Ms. Diksha Agarwal: Ayurveda was discovered in India ! It is something evolved from our Vedas and was always with us. Its just that we got carried away by modern medical science for a few years. I am glad that we all are coming back to our roots. Infact not only India but people from all over world have started believing in Ayurveda.

Fitness expert diksha agarwal

Editor: Talking about fitness, what do you specialize in?

Ms. Diksha Agarwal: I do not like to follow single fitness routine.Therefore I try to add variety in my fitness routine. I love to learn new skills and exercises. I do perform Yoga, Zumba, Pole dancing, weight and strength training. Though my favorites are pole dance and yoga.

Editor: What are your health tips for all fitness enthusiasts?

Ms. Diksha Agarwal: “There is only one life, don’t live it destroying the only body you’ve got”. The only tip I would like to give-Eat right food at right time, Rest, Exercise and Meditate.


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