Have Patience and be Consistent- Sports Science Nutritionist Simran Sood

Sports science nutritionist Simran Sood

Health is nowadays a major concern for us due to the ongoing pandemic Covid 19 situation. Most people are at home on leave or doing work from home with less physical activities, so we had done an interaction with renowned Sports Science Nutritionist Simran Sood to answer some common nutritional issues.

Simran is a sports science nutritionist with almost 4 years of experience in this field. She have been providing nutrition plans for almost about 3 years now and have helped more than 2000 people to cure their weight and health related problems.

Simran has presented her research about the health effects of creatine at JLN stadium and many more such in my graduation and post-graduation days. Apart from that, she take seminars in
school and corporate organizations on benefits of healthy and nutritious diet. You can follow her on Instagram @dietstoriesby_simran. The following are some interesting conversation with Simran.

Editor: Due to Coronavirus lockdown, people mostly stay indoor with less physical activity. So what type of diet you recommend for them?

Ms. Simran Sood: As people don’t have much to do at home, they are binging on online web series and movies which make them more lazy and prone to have some snack while keeping them entertained. Along with that seeing other people cook and posting them online makes people to crave for more food. So what I suggest to people is that they should try to have more fruits like watermelon as it has high water content.

Superfoods like makhana which will have almost no fat or carbs and will be equally good as a snack to binge on. Other than that, just take your normal home cooked meals and add variations to it like sooji idli or besan dhokla to not get bored and get same nutrition.

Editor: What are some foods that helps to boost the immunity?

Ms. Simran Sood: Best way to strengthen your immunity is to add vitamin C in your diet. Things that have Vitamin C are amla, lemon, papaya, orange, guava, capsicum, cauliflower, broccoli, sweet
potato. Apart from that keep a healthy and balanced diet with fair amount of fibre, protein and moderate your carbs and lower your fats if you are not doing work out at all.

Editor: Nowadays there several health products like Karela juice, Amla juice available. Can these be trusted?

Ms. Simran Sood: All these juice and organic products can only be trusted after analysing their nutrition label, if their label has all the natural ingredients and no preservatives or additives then they are good to go. If you can’t find any then just make your own its quite easy, you can learn it from YouTube.

Editor: Can we substitute water with other forms of liquid like Dal, juice etc. to some extent?

Ms. Simran Sood: Water is one such thing which can’t be replaced at all. Liquid like Juice, Pulses (Dal) etc. are just made to add some more nutrition than just plain water. If anyone is trying to lose fat, water is one thing that will help them a lot to lose weight apart from diet and exercise.

Editor: Which is the ideal time to eat fruits?

Ms. Simran Sood: The ideal time to eat fruits is probably between lunch and dinner, because the time gap is much high than breakfast and lunch. But you can have it anytime according to your schedule and habits.

Editor: Can you give 3 health tips for our readers?

Ms. Simran Sood: My three health tips for all readers are:

1. Eat home cooked meals as much as possible and keep overall nutrition in mind and not just focus on protein only.

2. Perform some kind of exercises daily, even 1-1.5 hours of walking would suffice if someone can’t have a proper workout at home or doesn’t have motivation for it. But it is recommended to do a workout or a dance/Zumba session at home, which is quite easy to access online these days. If you do not feel like working out for some reason, do yoga and meditate on that day.

3. Have patience and be consistent, it is the only key you will be able to achieve your goals because good things take time.


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