7 TeamViewer Alternatives for Remote PC Control and Access

Team Viewer Alternatives

Team viewer is globally the first pick when it comes to remote access, desktop sharing or any web accessed business meetings and discussions. This is mainly preferred because of the stable internet connections in every corner of the world.

The earlier pattern of having unstable connections have been replaced with well-maintained networks. Thus, remote access is made much easier for any user, from anywhere around the world.

TeamViewer is the primary preference in most cases; but certain scenarios of hacks, high price, etc have led to the need to look for TeamViewer alternatives.

Why look for other programs like TeamViewer?

As discussed above, the issues of hacking, pricing and many more have led to the search of TeamViewer alternatives. The issue of a security breach is something that needs to be taken with much seriousness.

It has even led to financial breaches in the systems that used Team Viewer for remote access. Besides, the free version of this program is very basic and to avail all the features properly you would need to spend a huge sum of money.

Setting aside all the shortfalls, TeamViewer has the advantages that helped in maintaining their business as the most sort for remote access software for so long. These can mainly be, ease of use, connectivity to any device, support in any OS, chat, screen capturing, etc.

Thus we would need to look for similar features in the alternatives too. Here are 7 TeamViewer alternatives for remote PC control and access:

1. Anydesk

Website: https://anydesk.com/en

anydesk connection

Founded in 2014, Anydesk is one of the most popular remote pc access software after TeamViewer. It is now being used by millions of users around the world. The name itself is a perfect indication of how the software can function.

Anydesk can be used to control any device from anywhere around the world. Just like TeamViewer, Anydesk also has a number of features available and the data transmission is done with high speed and efficiency.

The screen sharing of Anydesk happens at 60 FPS. It is right to say that the latency while remotely accessing any device using Anydesk is almost close to null. This gives the right and effective results while using remote access.

This software also has the provisions to support any OS or platform being used in the connected devices. Let us take a further look into the features and pricing of Anydesk.


Impressive frame rate: as we discussed above, this creates a very efficient and fluent experience while remote access is going on.

DeskRT: this is a codec developed in house at Anydesk and is responsible for the clarity of transferred image data.

Latency: the low latency rate is one of the biggest advantages of using remote access with Anydesk. It lies even below 16 milliseconds and hence very helpful for the users.

Coping up with any bandwidth: even when the internet features have been upgraded everywhere, there will be situations where poor connections still prevail. Anydesk shows no difference in the bandwidth, even as low as 100kB/sec.

Compatibility and flexibility: the software can function in any version of operating systems. And it can handle any operating system employed in the connected devices. It is also lightweight, considering the low amount of memory required.

Good security: Banking-standard TLS 1.2 technology used in Anydesk, ensures highly protected and controlled access to the program, making it trustworthy and safe.


It is available for free if you are accessing Anydesk only for personal purposes. This is not much effective and can be used for evaluation and similar activities. There are three different packages available for professional or business use. You choose any one of the three which is affordable and compatible. The basic structure starts at $10.99 per month.

anydesk price

2. Chrome Remote Desktop

Website: https://remotedesktop.google.com/

chrome desktop

Google’s contribution to remote access and PC control, Chrome Remote Desktop can mainly be used for those who are burdened by the huge price of TeamViewer. This is a way of pointing out that Chrome remote desktop is not as efficient as TeamViewer in its functioning.

However it is available for free and can be used from any system which has a chrome browser installed in it. Google makes use of the proprietary protocol known as “chromoting” Chrome remote desktop can mainly be used for Access and Support of remote systems.

Here are the prime features of Chrome Remote Desktop:

  • Ease of use and compatibility: it is very easy to install, activate and use. No particular requirement is necessary to kickstart the Chrome Remote Desktop, other than an actively installed Google chrome. It can be used in any OS.
  • No special functions like in the case of TeamViewer: functions like screen sharing, chat, etc are not possible when you are using Chrome Remote Desktop. Hence, in this case, it cannot be pointed out as TeamViewer similar program.
  • Security: an end to end encryption ensures highly secure functioning.

Pricing: It is absolutely free to use, hence got the upper hand in pricing compared to the other remote access programs.

3. Zoho Assist

Website: https://www.zoho.com/assist/

zoho assist

This is the right pick for you if the need is a remote access software for IT customer support or related departments in professional spaces. It can be used to establish connections to various devices like mobile phones, laptops, servers, etc.

They also have enough flexibility to be used on any platforms that are being used in the connected devices. The main highpoint of Zoho Assist, when compared to TeamViewer is that it has a very fast and efficient establishment of connections.

There are several additional features too, that makes Zoho Assist similar or even better than TeamViewer. They also have a very effective support team at Zoho Assist to ensure hassle-free use.


  • Remote access with no support: this is a very important feature that makes Zoho Assist the perfect option for remote support departments. Using a lightweight agent which will be installed at the initial stages, the required device can be controlled remotely without any help or even if it is unattended.
  • Secured file transfer during an ongoing session: This feature can help in easily transferring required files to the customer’s device when you are remotely connected to it. The transfer is secured with SSL 256-bit AES encryption. This makes the data absolutely safe.
  • Chat, voice or video: An interactive chat box during a remote connection session can be very helpful for both the parties involved. In Zoho Assist, this can be voice or video.
  • Scheduling: the customer is not available at a particular time and the session needs to be done for any valid reason. In this scenario, you can schedule for a remote session with the customer. This can be a reminder and the customer will be realizing the seriousness of the situation.
  • Clipboard sharing: the clipboard from your system can be shared with the customer’s system, making it easy for you to cut, copy or paste the necessary information during important occasions.


The pricing of Zoho Assist is on the higher side, but it is worth the quality rendered. The free session of the full package can be tested during a period of 15 days. The packages are widely divided into two. Remote Support package and Unattended Access package.

zoo assist pricing

The free plan, on the other hand has basic features.

4. Splashtop

Website: www.splashtop.com


Splashtop is a remote control and access software, which can be used by individuals or businesses. Each user gets a chance to make the best of it according to their requirements. This is one program which is much similar to TeamViewer in many ways but in several other cases, it stands higher than TeamViewer.

The remote of Splashtop uses its own proprietary protocol. It has good flexibility and compatibility to be used in any device or OS.

• High Security: Unlike in the case of TeamViewer, Splashtop employs very efficient security features that enable the users to transfer data while a remote session is active. TLS and 256-bit AES encryption is used in all cases of remote connection. There are other additional authentications using passwords, etc.
• 9 digit code connection: no additional software is required to establish a remote connection using Splashtop, all you need is a 9 digit code and an encrypted connection can be established easily.
• High Quality and low latency: video, images and audio in Splashtop are of high quality during all sessions. The latency rate is very low, making it the right pick for remote access for business when dealing with customers.


The pricing for Splashtop is divided into several packages, each suiting the different users of the software. These are mainly, individuals and businesses, IT and MSPs, Support and help desk teams and those for teachers. It is very noteworthy to say that individuals have free access to this software and the packages for others start from $60/user/year.

5. LogMeIn

Website: https://www.logmein.com/


A cloud-based software similar to TeamViewer, with extended storage facility, screen sharing, etc. The remote access facility in LogMeIn is mainly used control and management of your devices from any location. This can be done from anywhere in the world, with a steady internet connection.

Their services can be used by individuals, businesses that remain within a certain profile and is a bit pricey for such users. But people opt for LogMeIn for its features, quality and security.


• Flexibility and compatibility: you can remotely access any device using any platform using LogMeIn.
• 1 TB storage: it has cloud storage of 1TB which gives you the space to share, store and save images, videos, screengrabs, audio, etc from remote sessions. This is also a way of having access to your files without having to compromise on the storage you have.
• Fully secure: LogMeIn provides a completely encrypted end to end remote access. TLS 1.2 transport security with AES-256-bit encryption protects the sessions. They also have a built-in antivirus from BitDefender to secure your privacy.
• Session records: each session can be recorded and saved in good quality to be accessed later for reference.
• Excellent customer support: they have a very efficient team to provide support at all stages.

Pricing: LogMeIn is on the pricey side and does not provide a free package for any user. The pricing starts at $30.

6. WebEx

Website: https://www.realvnc.com/en/


Webex is a software that is mainly used for remote meetings among a large team of members located at different places. The conferences at WebEx can have a strength of about 100 participants. This can be used for hosting training sessions, meetings and discussions with good image, video and audio quality.

You can also access your device remotely and organize everything without having to be physically present at the location. Thus, Webex offers a complete remote accessibility package for its users.


• Flexible, compatible and portable: the Webex software can be used in any device and any platform with any quality audio-video equipment available.
• Meeting rooms: each individual gets a personal meeting room, with chat, screen sharing, file transfer, etc. The quality of video and audio can be very good compared to other online meeting rooms.

Pricing: Webex is in a very affordable price range of remote access programs. But the pricing for each individual or enterprise will vary according to their needs. Hence, they have provided an enquiry form in the website, offering a chance for everyone to know the right amount.

7. RealVNC

real vnc

Another remote access software in place of TeamViewer is RealVNC. It can be used by individuals, system administrators and other field experts who require the remote access to devices which may be on the different corners of the world.

One major advantage of RealVNC is it’s highly secured, encrypted and therefore can be used to transfer files safely during a session, between devices. They lack the web conferencing facility, which is a major drawback.


• Flexible and Compatible: used to connect multiple devices across the different platforms in each device. It can function in any OS and reduces much difficulty in coordinating.
• Highly secure: The software is encrypted using 128-bit AES and password-protected, preventing any unwanted loss of data.


They offer a free plan for individual users and varied packages for other commercial users. This starts at $40 per system per year.

pricing real vnc

These are our 7 alternatives for TeamViewer. You can go through each program and start using the one that fits your requirements best.


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