How to Clear Cache on iPhone

When your iPhone slows down, you must be trying different ways to make it work faster. Most of the times caches make phone work slow, so clear the cache and recheck the performance. If you are wondering how to clear cache on iPhone, let me tell you that this is a quite simple process.

However, there is no system level cache cleaner on iOS, so you cannot clear the cache on iPhone on a single click. You need to clear the cache memory separately from various apps on your iPhone. Here I’ll tell you the entire process to clear cache from your iPhone.

First, I will tell you the process to clear cache from Safari — the default browser on iOS devices.

Next, I will tell you how to clear cache from individual apps on iPhone.

Lastly, I will tell you to handle some system level settings.

Finally, we’ll take a look at system level settings that may fix some common issues you may have.

How to clear cache from Safari browser for iPhone?

Clearing the browser cache in your iPhone, you can fix issues like websites not loading correctly. Sometimes, if the cache is uncleaned, you can see broken images, formatting issues on the websites.

In order to clear cache from Safari for iPhone, go to Settings>Safari>Advanced>Website Data. Now you need to tap on Clear History and Website Data. Sometimes, you may have a problem in loading some particular websites, so to fix the issue, you need to tap on Settings>Safari>Advanced>Website Data.

Now find the website using the search bar on the top. Once, you find your website, which has loading issues, swipe left and click on Delete. Once you are done, the cache of the particular website will be cleared.

How to clear cache from other apps on iPhone?

Clearing cache from other apps on iPhone is a challenge as it depends upon the app features. If the app offers that feature, you can clean it. So I recommend you to delete a troubling app and reinstall the same app again. This way you can clear cache from other apps on iPhone.

Other ways to clear Cache on an iPhone

The good part of iOS is that it allows you to perform some settings changes without deleting your existing data. Using some of these settings of iPhone, you can even clear space from your device.
The process to clear unused apps, tap on Settings>General>iPhone Storage. You can see Offload Unused Apps, Tap on Enable.

You can also reset other system settings such as keyboard dictionary or network. To perform this activity, go to Settings>General>Reset.
Another way to make your iPhone lighter in terms of space is to delete the local copies of photos that you have already uploaded on the iCloud. Tap on  Settings>General>iPhone Storage. You can see an option ‘Optimise Photos’, tap on enable to activate the same.

iPhone is a precious thing and all of you will want to maintain it well not only in terms of physical safety but also internal safety, which includes making it work well. So follow the above process to clear cache from your iPhone.